boat water spot removerIf you’re looking for a boat water spot remover, look no further than your own home. This is for those who have always been on-point with their boat maintenance. It doesn’t matter if you clean your boat yourself or you have detailing professionals look after it. 

A well-maintained boat will still have issues with staining. But, that’s where homemade tricks do their magic. Go get one cup of white vinegar, then mix it in two gallons of water. Dip a clean cloth into the solution, and then wipe your boat down. Rinse with warm water afterwards, then squeegee for a thorough clean. Easy peasy!

And if you don’t like how smelly vinegar can get, go get some baking soda. Mix it well with warm water like you would with vinegar, then use it to wipe the boat down. It won’t be as smelly, but you’ll need a lot more work because it lacks the great acidity of vinegar. Either way, you’re all set for cleaning simple, small stains. 

Cleaning And Maintaining Gel Coats

Most boats have a gel coating on the hull. It makes the hull look sleek and shiny, and everybody loves that look, right? Still, it’s not safe from nature. But before you think of cleaning the water spots, ask yourself this. Would the gel coat retain the spots or will they be easy to clean off?

If it’s the latter, sure, go DIY with your homemade cleaner. If not, that’s where the big guns come in. Dedicated boat cleaners are tough enough to clean off those spots. All without removing the shiny wax coating, of course. 

What if the spots aren’t superficial (aka stained on)? You have to bring in bigger guns, and be ready for the waxy shine to be cleaned off for a while. Stains like these often require deep-cleaning fiberglass cleaners. They seep in and get to the root of the stain, eliminating it. The cleaner will scrape off the wax finish, but it will prepare the spot for re-waxing. No harm done, right? Plus, the stain is gone!

Cleaning Hard To Reach Areas

Of course, clearing the water spots on your boat doesn’t stop at the deck and the hull. For those who have smaller vessels like speedboats, there would be areas that are harder to reach. Take the engine, for example. There’s bound to be hard water buildup in its nooks and crannies. And that buildup can damage the engine or hamper its performance over time. 

All you have to do is follow these steps one by one: 

1. Get a non-acidic all-purpose cleaner. You can buy this at the nearest hardware store. You can’t use the vinegar solution because it’s acidic and can cause unwanted corrosion. Not to mention the smell. 

2. Get a pack of soft towels. Don’t use brushes unless the dirt buildup is quite severe. 

3. Spray the areas where there’s buildup and leave it to soak for 30 seconds. Make sure to spray wherever the mist can get in. Go behind the engine, under it, and around it. Don’t forget to spray the easier-accessed areas too, like the exposed ones. 

4. Wipe down after soaking. And you’re done! 


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When dealing with tougher stains, a simple boat water spot remover can’t do the trick. There’s a lot of boat cleaning services that you can ask help from. But if it’s boat window replacement and parts guide you need, only trust the right people for the job. Our glass experts at Peninsula Glass are happy to help you out.