different types of houseboatsLiving in a houseboat is fun and exciting. Whether it is stationary or motor powered, it allows you to live by the waters. Therefore, you can enjoy water adventures and see breathtaking views anytime. No wonder more and more people are interested in buying a houseboat, be it their permanent home or vacation house. If you plan to live on a houseboat, it is essential to pick the best one that suits your lifestyle and needs. In this article, you will discover the two different types of houseboats, helping you decide which one is better for you and your loved ones.

Two Different Types of Houseboats

Living in a houseboat is becoming a popular option for those who want to live by the waters. It is also recommended for those who want to live a simpler life. But choosing which houseboat to live on is quite overwhelming. It is because you need to pick which type of houseboat is a better option. Besides, houseboats come in different sizes and shapes. But before you select which one is the most ideal, you need to decide first between the two categories:

  • Cruising Houseboats

If you want a houseboat that can travel on the water, a cruising houseboat is a perfect option for you. These houseboats come with a sail or engine. It primarily relies on the fuel for mobility. When choosing this type of houseboat, know that it can only be used on minor water bodies. Cruising houseboats serves as more of a vacationing vessel than a permanent house. But you can still choose to live in this type of houseboat if you wish to.

  • Non-cruising Houseboats

Non-cruising houseboats are stationary houseboats that are usually anchored, moored, or tied up on the dock. It is sometimes called static houseboats or floating homes. Non-cruising houseboats are ideal as vacation houses and permanent homes. But unlike cruising houseboats, they cannot travel on the waters because they don’t have propelling devices.

The Houseboat’s Terminologies

There are two different types of houseboats and each category branches to several options. But no matter which one you prefer, these houseboats share common things like having the following essential areas:

  • Berth – It is also called the V-berth because it is located at the bow, making a V-shape. Berth serves as the bed.
  • Bridge or Cockpit – This area is where the boat is steered.
  • Cabin – This is the place where the passengers meet.
  • Galley – It serves as the kitchen.
  • Head – This area functions as the bathroom.
  • Helm – This is dedicated to steering.
  • Navigation Station – It is usually found in cruising houseboats because it serves as storage for navigation equipment.
  • Salon – This area is the living room of the houseboat.
  • Stateroom – It serves as the bedroom.

Houseboats come in a wide range of shapes and sizes. You may find them simple and luxurious, but they always fall into two different types of houseboats: cruising and non-cruising. Picking the best houseboat for you and your loved ones would be simpler if you have decided which of the two categories is ideal for your lifestyle.


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