vehicle window replacementVehicle window replacement or repair is among the most common automotive services, aside from repairs to stalled engines or replacing flat tires. A lot of people are wondering how things could go if they eventually need one. This can make things confusing, more so for first-time RV owners. 

Here is everything you must know about replacing your RV windows, and more. Read on! 

Temporary Fixes: Are They Worth It? 

When your RV window breaks, it’s understandable if you can’t have it repaired or replaced right away. You might not have extra money right now, or you might need to still use your vehicle while waiting for a fix. Either way, you need to handle a broken RV glass, even if it’s only temporary. 

One of the best things you can do is to cover the window ASAP. You can use a lot of things, such as packing tape, duct tape, and even shrink wrap. Whatever temporary covers you may have lying around, here are the reasons why you should use them: 

  • Safety: Nobody likes to see or deal with broken glass. There’s a good chance that the window still holds even if it’s full of cracks. Don’t count on it staying like that, more so if you’re still driving the vehicle around or it’s an emergency exit window
  • Protection against the weather: This is as self-explanatory as the first one. A broken window can’t deal with the elements as good as it did. A cover will at least provide an extra layer of protection while you wait for the glass to be replaced. That way, you won’t have to deal with debris inside the RV. 
  • Avoid easy access to the RV’s interior: Covers aren’t secure by themselves. But they still provide a measure of security given the fact that your window has seen better days. People can still break in without much trouble, sure. If you installed the RV window covering well enough that they won’t notice the difference though, it’s a good feeling to have. A broken but covered window avoids attracting unwanted attention to your vehicle. 

Now, to the main question: are temporary covers worth it? If you’re looking forward to having the glass replaced soon, yes. Covers are better than having to deal with broken glass. At the end of the day though, you have to be sure to repair or replace the glass. You can never, ever rely on temporary covers long-term. They’re temporary, not permanent. 

rv window replacementRV Dealers And Broken Glass 

A lot of people ask if their RV dealers offer glass replacement. Vehicle window replacement isn’t their forte. They’re meant to sell RV, not replace glass. Still, there might be dealers out there that do offer this service. You, as a buyer, just have to know where to look.

There are new RV dealerships that do offer windshield and window replacement. For them to be able to do so, they partner with OEMs. They order the glass from the vehicle’s manufacturer, then include it in their packages. As for used RV dealers, not so much. Most of the vehicles they sell don’t even have manufacturer warranties anymore, and thus they can’t source OEM glass.

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rv insuranceDoes My Insurance Cover Window Replacement? 

The short answer is, it depends. Most insurance plans cover window damage caused by very specific factors. For example, windows which are damaged by other people or animals. Sometimes, RV windows will come with damage straight from the factory too. Any other reason that’s not included in the list won’t be honored by the premium. That often includes personal neglect and so-called “acts of God.” 

For you to know if your plan covers vehicle window replacement, contact your insurance company right away. Ask them for confirmation about the plan’s coverage. And if you’re applying for new insurance, try to see if the package covers it before signing the contract. That can save you a lot of time and hassle. 

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Your RV windows need as much TLC as you give your vehicle itself. As soon as you see any signs of wear and tear, you can seek expert advice from us at Peninsula Glass! Our professionals have the skills and experience to handle any RV window installation concerns you might have.