rv emergency exit window replacementThose red handles weren’t painted red for no reason. Your RV’s emergency exit windows must be secured as soon as you buy one. If you’ve bought a second-hand RV, these windows must be inspected or better, turned in for replacement.

There have been multiple reports of emergency exit windows falling out during travel. It is possible if you miss to check out and inspect this little detail in your RV. It’s very easy to skip the upgrade of replacing your RV emergency windows, but don’t wait until you need it. You have these reasons to tell you why:

You live with kids

Kids always should know where emergency exits are wherever you go. In a mall, inside a building, at school, especially if it’s in your own house or a mobile house like an RV.

It’s no surprise that kids are always curious. There should be strict rules about not playing with the emergency exit windows while they are inside the RV. Nonetheless, they should also be given proper training on how to operate it. Assign your bigger kid this responsibility. He or she must know how to operate it in case of an emergency.

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You’re always on the road

Recreational vehicles are heaven-sent because it simply gives one the freedom of bringing their home with them anywhere they go. With this, proper RV maintenance and upkeep should always be managed.

However, since you’re bringing your home with you, it comes with a responsibility to keep it secured everywhere you go. A lot of reported cases of RV emergency windows falling off its hinges as they travel is a result of poor window installations. Remember that important RV parts like the emergency exit window must only be handled by professionals.

You have a fully-operational kitchen

The smaller the spaces are, the more fire-prone it is, especially when there are fire-inducing materials in it. Kitchen fires can strike anytime inside an RV. It’s important to have clear safety measures in case of fire.

Emergency exits must be taught to every person inside. It seems simple to operate but during emergencies, uninformed people may have a hard time figuring it out.

When exiting, an able adult or person must always go first. Exit feet-first from the RV and don’t jump if it’s not a safe distance.

rv emergency exit window replacementYou don’t know how it works

Seeing an emergency window and not trying out if it works or not is just the same as not having one. If you’ve bought a second-hand RV and it has an emergency exit window that’s too hard to figure out, consider replacing them as soon as possible.

Handles and levers may come in different shapes and sizes. This mechanism is a little different than simple window locks. Try opening them out and closing it off to see if it’s still safe to use. Also, RV emergency windows must be clear from obstructions may it be inside or outside the RV.

However, many have been putting on screens on their emergency windows to keep bugs at night. If that works for you, the RV window screens must be customized that it can be removed easily from the inside as it does on the outside. Never forget what emergency windows are really for.

Safety measures must be observed at all times. You’ll never know how a simple tool or mechanism can save lives. If you’re looking to find RV emergency exit window replacement, only talk with the experts.

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