Did you know that an RV window upgrade gets you a lot of benefits you didn’t know? Aside from improving your van’s aesthetics, there’s so much more a RV window treatment can do.

Window upgrades can also improve your van’s insulation, as well as lighting. With proper lighting in place, small and cramped spaces can look more spacious than ever. There are a lot of RV window treatments that you can try. These are our best recommendation:

rv window treatmentInstall a day/night window shade

Better get your RV windows a pair of these awesome shades that does the work. Its two shade types are a breather for those who always want to keep their shades down.

One shade works during the day, which allows filtered light to pass through. This illuminates your RV’s interiors without the need of drawing it up during the day. At night, you can switch it into a more appropriate shade. The night shade blocks light from the outside, enough to give you a more restful sleep.

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Add drama with a layer of curtains

Like how they work with any van interior, curtains add drama to a rather plain design. Plus it gives you a lot of customization options to fit your style.

Get crazy with prints and patterns, but don’t forget to layer it with plains. If you want a more minimalist vibe, plain does it. To make your interiors light up, use lighter-colored curtains. Dark curtains, however, will give you more privacy. Either way, both will surely work inside your RV.

Put a frame on it

To add a more homey feel, some RVers tend to design their interiors like a house. This includes the window treatments. You can’t blame them though, because these frames are very pleasing to look at!

Faux wood or real wood frames will be quite an upgrade to your windows. Real wood can be heavier than faux, but it surely looks better in comparison. You can do a lot of styles with oak as a window frame.

rv curtain ideasDrop the blinds

If you want it to be easy, there’s nothing a few window blinds can’t fix. Measure your windows and make sure your manufacturer got the right size for it. Mismatched blinds sizes on your windows can be quite a disaster to put up with.

If you want a good ol’ DIY again, you can actually come up with your own version of blinds and shades. It’s certainly very easy to do.

Makeover your cornice or valances

There’s a lot of fun things you can do with your window’s cornices. If you don’t have one yet, then go ahead and install them! These are perfect touches for curtain-clad windows.

If you have time for it, DIY your cornice of valances and sew together fabrics that complement your style. You can never go wrong with plains, but a little pattern here and there will be charming too.

rv window treatment makeoverGet the glass replaced

Now if you don’t want any obstructions blocking your windows to ruin the view outside, then you should consider getting the glass replaced or refurbished. Get your RV glass tints done, and make sure every crack has been dealt with properly.

For damaged glasses, it is recommended that you replace the glass completely to avoid accidents to further happen.

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RV windows should be dealt with properly with a professional. Make sure it’s properly protected with window treatments. Peninsula Glass can help you achieve your desired tinted RV window. We’ve come a long way to be of service to every van lifer out there.