rv living with kidsNo one can ever trade the daily travel adventures out in the wild when you’re living the nomad life. But with kids in the picture, it might begin to look a little bit more complicated– or is it?

RV living with kids is surely no walk in the park. Some believe that living like a stranger in different places everyday can take a lot of good things away from your kids. But, some also agree it adds more to their kid’s growth and personality.

If you’re ready to start living in the wild with kids in tow, here’s to give you a better picture of what RV living is like with kids.

Noise will be a lot

Kids will be kids. They will be playful, run around the house, and be as noisy as they can– it’s all part of growing up. With a tiny place like an RV, noise can’t be avoided. Work may be a lot challenging as kids can be a little more impatient in limited places.

However, everybody’s patience and understanding will be tested. Your bond as a family will be stronger, allowing everyone to take up their own personal space. You will be able to see and observe them better as they grow.

Every destination is a playground

While the RV’s space is limited, your destinations will always be the best thing. At a young age, your kids will see the world from a different perspective, making them appreciate the world they live in.

With a lot of families travelling places in an RV, there will surely be a lot of friends in the way. Your kids will be great at socializing, making every destination as their playground and leaving fun memories behind.

Spaces will be sharedrv living with kids

Your RV space is limited so expect that you will be sharing most of the space with the whole family. Usually it’ll be the storage and bedrooms that are compromised, especially if you’ll be living with three or more kids.

This means less closet space, shelves, and bed headroom for you. But some consider this a good thing as the RV’s limited space makes you purchase only the things you need. Minimalist living is a lifestyle that you should welcome when living in an RV full time and your kids should also understand the good in that. To optimize your RV living space, consider implementing RV storage ideas

Everyone will be present at dinner

With everyone in the family at the same beautiful spot everyday, who would want to miss dinner or any meal in particular? Meals will mean more time to bond with kids, and talk about what’s happening. In the morning, breakfast may include a picturesque view of your current destination.

RV living with kids should be dealt with proper planning. To be able to have them travel while studying, they should be accustomed to homeschooling. You must also find ways on how to make a steady income while living your dreams.

Child-proofing your RV is necessary

Growing kids are very curious, and when they get too impatient with their toys, they will find other things to play with. Electrical systems must be inspected and child-proofed. This includes the wirings, plugs and sockets around your mobile home.

In case of fire, big kids should be taught how to use the extinguisher and must be told where the emergency exits are. Make sure your RV’s emergency windows are in perfect condition and that their emergency levers work perfectly.

Never assume that tiny cracks on window glass are nothing. If your glass windows have developed cracks due to rough rides, consider replacing them. You will find our experts at Peninsula Glass very helpful when it comes to your RV’s window needs.

A tighter family bond

RV living with children can raise many eyebrows as it’s not the ‘normal’ thing to do, especially with growing kids in the family. But a lot has been living this life and find it equally fulfilling as parents.

With a tiny space and a lot of time to bond, kids grow up very close to each other. Parents don’t have to ask what’s up because they can observe what exactly is going on with their children. There will be no ‘go to your room’ scenarios because aside from there’s no room to shut everyone off, every misunderstanding is dealt with proper communication.

RV living with kids has its share of ups and downs but what matters is the relationship of the family living in it. RV or not, it pays to have a tightly knit family in any kind of home.