boat dock accessoriesMany boat owners love their docks and want to upgrade them in every way they can. Because who would like a relatively standard, boring dock anyway? You already have a great boat, so why not spruce up the dock to match it? There are so many boat dock accessories that can bring your dock to the next level of comfort, security, and functionality. But looking for these accessories online can be a daunting prospect, as there are simply too many of them out there. 

So instead of scouring the web for the accessories you need, we have compiled a list to help you get started. 

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The Best Boat Dock Accessories to Get

There are so many choices for dock accessories out there. But you technically only need a few to make your dock as functional and safe as possible. Here are the most important ones that are also easy to find. 

Dock Boxes

It makes so much sense to get some dock boxes if you frequent the dock and use it for activities such as fishing, loading your boat, or just hanging out with your friends and loved ones. For instance, try thinking of all the gear that you’ll need for a day out on the water. This can include fishing poles, fishing lines, rope, and life jackets, among others. 

Normally, you’d have to carry the items all the way to the dock from your shed or house without storage boxes. But not without a dock box! With those, you can stash everything you need right there on the dock. It eliminates so much of the hassle and just allows you to enjoy owning a boat! 

boat dock lightsDock Lights

What’s a dock without lighting? It’s important to note as well that some boat owners like to take their vessels out in the night. There’s an inherent beauty in being out on the water at night—that is, when it’s not pitch black all around you. You might be one of those too down the road, so why not invest in adequate lighting? With enough lights, your dock will be a much safer place for everyone, including you. It will also make it easier to maneuver your boat in and out of port at night. 


A ladder is always, always very important for safety and convenience. This also rings true for your dock. You might not be big on swimming, but it’s always very helpful to have a ladder nearby so it’ll be easier to climb up out of the water if somebody needs to. 

You can find ladders in 3- to 8-step configurations. There are also models that would be a great fit floating docks, as well as ladders with designs that seamlessly blend into a dock. Some ladders even have a quick-release feature that allows them to be installed both on docks and boats interchangeably. 

Dock Bumpers

Bumpers are as essential as any dock accessory because they provide adequate impact protection for both the boat and the dock itself. If you don’t have them, you’ll run the risk of destroying your dock or getting the hull of your boat scratched or dented! 

And here’s the best part: dock bumpers are incredibly easy to install. However, it can be quite difficult to determine where you should place them. Here’s a quick tip: put them in a place where you think here’s a high chance of an impact. 

boat dock must haveSecurity Cameras

You can never go wrong with installing security cameras on your dock. A boat isn’t as easy to steal as a car, but there’s always a possibility that somebody skilled enough might try! And if that’s not as common as one might think, a burglar can steal any other thing of value from the dock. Installing a security camera may not help deter potential thieves, but it does add an extra layer of security that will help give you additional peace of mind.

Your dock can be the best-equipped one out there, but it won’t mean anything if your boat itself isn’t up to snuff. Case in point, you might be forgetting about installing durable boat windows! That’s where we at Peninsula Glass are good at. So talk to us and see what we have in store for you!

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