Different scenery everyday, no noisy neighbors, and no need to pack your bags when going somewhere– these are just some of the things you’ll love about RV living. This is probably why more people are starting to embrace this lifestyle.

However, let’s get more realistic on this. Though it’s possible to live in an RV full time, you have to also be prepared financially. The cost of full-time RVing may be a lot different than living in a normal house. Let’s break it down for you.

rv living costThe fixed costs

If you want to live in an RV full time, you should be prepared to spend money on these basics.

Motorhome / RV Cost

The first thing you have to do to start living the van life is to, well, buy an RV. You can either choose to pay for it upfront, or through installments. A typical RV costs between $10,000 to $300,000 for newer and advanced models. If you choose to purchase via installment, be prepared to shell out $350 – $900 every month.

Think of it as choosing between buying a house or renting, but the good news is that it costs less than normal houses. If you’ve prepared for this, then paying it upfront is the best option to do, so you won’t be thinking about any of its monthly costs.


Once you have your RV, you have to register it to validate your RV’s license plate. This usually costs around $35-115, which is paid annually. To know how much exactly the cost of registration is, you have to consult your state.

Also know that different states offer different pricing methods for RV registration. Some states have metrics for the gross vehicle weight, value, or age, even fuel efficiency, while there are also states that operate with flat rates.


There will be insurance fees for your RV depending on the vehicle type. At an average, expect to pay around $1000 – $2000 for your RV insurance. This is also based on the value of your purchased RV. A new vehicle costs more to insure than an old RV.

Most of the insurance include theft coverage, and road accident coverage. However, interior, furnishings and certain valuables inside your RV are not usually part of the insurance costs. There might be a need to issue a separate cost for that.

Maintenance and Repair

A moving home is highly susceptible to wear and tear. You’ll be bringing your RV everywhere that’s why they need to endure long road travels and detours along the way. You should have a budget for maintenance and repairs when the need arises.

Allot at least $80 – $150 a month for repair and maintenance. This may include oil changes, tire changes, monthly and annual cleaning, brakes and engine maintenance. This is to protect your home for future damage, at the same time ensure that you’re travelling safely with your RV.

You may also want to look into window glass repair and maintenance. Accidental damage can happen to your RV windows which cannot be ignored. Your windows maintain the security of your motorhome, so you shouldn’t take it for granted.

Gasoline and Propane

Gasoline costs depend on your travels. The longer you travel, the more you have to spend on fuel. If you’re staying in camping grounds, then you can save more. 

Your RV’s propane costs can also be dependent on the same factors. Travelling to some place that doesn’t have electricity means you have to consume more from your propane. Seasons can also affect the costs especially during winter when it’s not possible to turn off your heater. Give your propane costs around $15-50 a month just to be safe.

living in an rv full time costThe lifestyle costs

Phone and Internet

You will surely have the need to communicate, use the internet and work while inside your RV. This is why communication facilities are always a top priority for RVers.

It’s advisable to purchase a phone and internet plan that’s most convenient for you. Choose a brand that offers a wider coverage as you’ll always be out travelling places. The average cost is somewhere between $70 – $ 230 per month.

Campground rent

Even if you think you always want to travel, you will still need to park in campground parks. These parks can give you help in cleaning, maintenance, and even communication facilities. 

Campgrounds mostly bill at around $300-$500 at the average. But don’t lose help just yet, there are multiple campgrounds that offer free parking for RVers. 


There will always be the need for food, no matter what type of house you’re in. Spare an amount of at least $400 for your monthly groceries and goods. If you want to eat out sometimes, treat yourself with $250 so your expenses are well-budgeted.

cost of full time rvingLaundry

With a small space like an RV, you may not want to add laundry machines inside. If this is the case, then you’ll have to pay for washing your laundry in service stations. We’re looking at around $40 – 60 monthly payment for clean clothes.


There should be ways to entertain yourself during long travels, especially if you’re living with kids. To keep the peace in an RV’s small space, you have to find other ways to keep everyone amused during the boring times..

Do you now have an idea what it’s like to be living the RV life? There’s so much costs that you have to get ready for before taking the plunge into full time RV living. Among all these, you have to identify which is worth spending for – like a high-quality window glass.

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