power-kit-installationIf you’re looking for power window kit installation, then you might be feeling a little overwhelmed by the number of options and brands available. You can’t just walk into any auto parts store and find power window kits. Some stores only carry one brand, while others carry multiple power window kit brands. 

If you’re unsure where to go to get power window kits on your vehicle, we’ve put together this article to show what steps are necessary to install power windows yourself.

What is a power window kit, and what does it do for you?

A power window kit allows the electric windows in your car or truck to be operated by a switch instead of using the crank that initially came with your vehicle. If this sounds like something that would interest you, then power window kit installation might be for you.

When power window kits were first introduced, they only worked for one power window per kit. Therefore, you would have had to order separate power window kits if you wanted all four windows working with power options in your vehicle. 

Today’s power window kits allow for more than one power window to be controlled by a switch at once, which is perfect if there are kids in your car that often fight over power window switches. 

The Benefits of Installing a Power Window Kit in your Vehicle

The power window kit installation is an excellent investment if power windows sound like something you would use and benefit from. 

 Here are a few power window kit benefits to consider:

  1. There’s no need for power windows if you don’t want them. 
  2. Power kits make it possible to control more than one power switch at once, which is perfect if there are kids in your car that often fight over power window switches. 
  3. They’re easy and quick to install. 
  4. They’re compatible with power windows that aren’t working correctly or power windows that are broken, making it possible for them to be used again after kit installation. 
  5. Easy power window kit controls eliminate the need to climb into your car from outside, so you can power up a passenger side window if someone is waiting for you outside. 
  6. Power window kit installation doesn’t break the bank if power windows aren’t prioritized for your family. Still, they would interest other members of your household or friends and relatives visiting you often.

Things to Consider When Buying a Power Window Conversion Kit

When it comes to choosing the best power window conversion kit, you need to consider everything. Some many options and variables will affect the functionality and look of your vehicle. The following list represents some essential things to think about before making a purchase decision:

1.) Review the Vehicle’s Parts and Labor Costs for Installing New Power Windows

There are two main replacement options for a broken power window: replace the entire assembly with a factory-style new part, or buy a conversion kit designed to work with your existing vehicle parts. 

If you choose a factory-style part, installation costs will depend on your vehicle type and how accessible the power window is. In addition, you may need to hire a mechanic, and a warranty might not cover the work. If you choose a conversion kit, installation costs can vary depending on which brand and model you purchase. 

Most brands will provide online resources and videos that instruct you on installing their product; these resources allow you to see if doing it yourself will be relatively simple and cost-effective.

2.) Consider the Installation Difficulty

Keep in mind that some conversion kits are easier to install than others. If you want to save time and avoid frustration during the installation process, choose a factory-style product that matches your vehicle’s original parts seamlessly.

3.) Check out the Product’s Warranty Policy

Some kits offer lifetime warranties that ensure that you will receive free parts for as long as you own your vehicle. Unfortunately, others only provide one-year warranties, which means you will need to purchase replacement parts after the warranty has expired. 

Still, others offer no warranty whatsoever, which means that if your conversion kit malfunctions after the return period have passed, then you need to pay for the replacement parts.

4.) Find a Kit with an Affordable Price

Price may be the most crucial factor on your mind considering all of the expenses associated with buying a new vehicle. Some kits require professional installation because they replace all components, while others only replace one specific part. Keep in mind that professional installation fees are not included in the total cost. 

When professional expertise is necessary, you will incur additional costs on top of the kit. At the same time, others may include installation services on the price of the kit. 

5.) Determine What Type of Vehicle You Have

Keep in mind that there are two main types of vehicles for power window conversions: cars and trucks. Cars are much easier to convert because they have a larger cavity behind the door panel, which means you will not need to cut away any of your vehicle’s metal to make room for switches and wiring harnesses. 

On the other hand, trucks require extensive cutting and drilling to fit all necessary components behind the door panel. In addition, remember that some kits are designed for all types of vehicles while others are compatible only with specific years or models.

6.) Determine the Type of Additional Parts Required for Installation

Some kits come with all necessary components, while others require extra wiring or switches. Additionally, some kits will include a factory-style receiver that must be hardwired into your vehicle’s electrical system. In other words, some kits will require professional installation because they replace all of the power window components while others only replace one specific part.

Also, installing a power window may require you to replace the glass window itself. So, you will need high-quality ones. Motion Windows has a variety of glass windows that would fit the new power window system that you have. 

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