When you are a fan of the great big outdoors, having a conversion van makes it easier to just pack your bags and go.

Conversion vans can vary depending on the way you want it to be. Though there are a lot of conversion van manufacturers out there, it will surely save you a lot of money once you go DIY.

If you plan to DIY it, there are more things you can do. Thousands of conversion van accessories are now available in-store or online. But how can you tell which is the most important of them all? Here’s a guide.

conversion van accessories1. Window and door accessories

Motion windows and doors are necessary parts of any moving vehicle. It’s also essential that it has the best materials, and are properly installed by professionals to avoid dangers and malfunction. 

Conversion vans are private vehicles, therefore its accessories should follow suit. Investing in privacy accessories for your windows and doors is an ideal option. If your windows have been customized with glass tints, there’s still a need to make sure that privacy inside your conversion van won’t be compromised.

Accessories such as shades for your conversion van windows and doors must be properly put in place. An afternoon nap with the sun blaring outside won’t be possible without the right window shades in place. 

2. Entertainment set

When you own a conversion van, you should do your best to make it fun inside. It’s for long road trips and camping, that’s why you must never fall short in entertaining your guests inside. 

Televisions are the most common accessory, which is usually mounted behind the seats. There should also be a good sound system connected to it so that every movie you’ll be watching would feel an insane experience.

What’s a camper van life if it’s not documented on the internet? Another conversion van accessory that you should not be forgetting is the WiFi. For this, you can contact your best internet provider, and purchase a wifi hotspot device. Data fees will surely be coming monthly, so make sure you also have a budget for that.

If you need a cheaper option, you can buy a WiFi extender device instead and park anywhere near free wifi spots.

conversion van interior3. Comfy and personalized seating

There’s no way a conversion van is considered one if it’s seating is not customized. Here’s where all conversion van interiors vary because this heavily depends on how the owner would need their conversion vans to be.

If you’ll be using it for most travel, then get yourself a convertible sofa bed set inside. A sofa for more comfortable seating while watching tv, and a bed to rest your tired heads during long drives. Seating must be planned well, as this will determine the amount of space you can spare for other accessories.

Give your front seat attention as well, as this is the most functional spot in your van. For cold nights and mornings, you may want to purchase seat heaters so the driver won’t have to fight the cold. Amp it up with massage features so the driver would also feel relaxed during long travels.

May it be for family trips, your new nomadic life, or just for added luxury, seating, upholstery, and related accessories should be customized well depending on need.

4. Food and storage

Though spaces for cooking may not be possible inside, no one would want to be part of the hungry van crowd. Additional storage inside your van should be added as an accessory for food and snacks, or just other things you can’t live without,

Fitting this important conversion van accessory can save you time from buying food during stopovers, which can also shorten your travel time.

rv mini ref5. Refrigerators and freezers

Who wants warm sodas and melted ice cream on a road trip? Keep space for a mini-fridge or freezer inside your van. You’ll never know when you’ll need an emergency ice pack right?

Having this little functional box inside your conversion van would save you from buying drinks on stopovers. It is also very functional to store some perishable groceries inside especially during a camping trip.

Luxury parties are never complete without booze and drinks. This specific conversion van accessory will set the mood for a nice little party inside.

Don’t you just love having your very own conversion van? Be sure to add these necessary accessories in, before splurging on others (Check out this article on RV custom products). DIY may be a cheaper option, but if you need help on installing some, you can always ask for professional help.

For van conversion windows and parts, we got you covered at Motion Windows. Check out our selection of products and send us a message for consultation.