how to install boat windowsWhen you Google “how to install boat windows,” a lot of results pop up with equally numerous tips to share. But sometimes, the sheer amount of things you read can get overwhelming. But you’re in luck, because this guide will tell you a few of the most important things about installing boat windows

So without further ado, let’s get going! 

Removing The Old Window

Let’s start with the most obvious. If you’re to learn how to install boat windows, you first must also learn how to take them out. The most common installation method is a clamp-in style window. To take the old window out, remove the screws on the trim ring from inside the vehicle, then push the window out of the opening by applying enough force from the inside.

Sometimes, however, you might have to release the sealant from under the window flange outside of the vehicle. To do this, you should work around the outside flange by using a very thin putty knife. Pick a corner of the window, slowly move the flange loose, then push the corner of the window out. But make sure that once the window is out, clean off any left-over sealant to make way for the new one. 

Which Type Of Window To Install?

One good thing about learning how to install boat windows is you have a good amount of choices. Here are the most common window types you can go for. 

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Acrylic  If you want something that’s easy to handle, thermoform (shape using heat), and polish, go for this type of material. 

Polycarbonate – An extremely tough material, polycarbonate is said to be durable enough to be bulletproof. While this can be true in certain situations, polycarbonate will still bend under extreme conditions. But this bending isn’t bad, because this is where the material gets its durability from! 

See, when something hits the polycarbonate as it bends, it will not shatter. The only thing that might put you off is the possibility of a dent forming on the surface of the polycarbonate window when something hits it. It also scratches quite easily. 

Tempered Glass – This type of glass is often used for front flat windows, mounted in smaller sections and usually framed with rubber gaskets to secure the panes. Car windows almost always use tempered glass, which makes it very good for boat windows as well. The foremost feature of this type of glass is that when it breaks, it shatters into small pieces instead of big, sharp chunks. This is why tempered glass is also known by another term: safety glass. 

Selecting The Right Window Compound

When installing boat windows, remember that you can never just use any other compound. It should be a marine compound and nothing else! So avoid products that are made to be adhesives (sticky) like 3M’s 5200.


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