rv-window-repairDoes your RV window need replacing? Don’t wait for cracks to show before you take action. Factors like faulty locks or irremovable fogging are good enough reasons to do that replacement. But how much does an RV window repair cost? 

Whether you do the replacement by yourself or hire a professional, you need an estimated budget of at least $100.

So, if you feel like your RV Window needs a repair, this guide might help you get started. 

Is DIY Replacement Possible?

The short answer is yes, you can do the installation yourself, and it’s cheaper too. All you need to think about is the cost of materials, tools, and the replacement window itself. So you can start your expectation around $100.

With that, the following factors can significantly affect your RV window replacement cost.

  • Size and shape 

RV windows are not universal. You still have to look for the ones that fit the window opening of your RV, especially if your windows have a unique shape.

  • Type of window 

Are your windows single or dual-pane? Or are they frameless or fixed? Not all RV units have the same kind of windows. In addition to that, the cost for these types of windows differs from one another. So say you want to change your single-pane to a dual-pane, expect that the cost could either go higher or lower. 

  • Add-ons 

Do you need darker tints or additional insulation in your window? These things will also play a huge factor in your cost.

Check out Motion Windows for high-quality custom RV windows. We provide the exact shape and size of the RV window that you need, with multiple options for materials and finishes. We offer single and dual panes, screens, and sliding windows as well. 

How To Install RV Windows?

Once you’ve selected the right window for your RV, replacing it is just a matter of removing a few screws, removing the old window out, and installing the new window. Sounds easy! However, the real challenge with this particular RV maintenance is doing it seamlessly like how the professionals do it.

Tools that you’ll need for installation:

  • Screwdriver
  • Putty knife or any flat tool for scraping
  • Caulk sealant and caulking gun

Here’s a quick guide on replacing your RV windows:

Removing the Window

  • Remove all the screws that hold your window trim ring from the inside. Make sure that you have a helper on the outside to prevent the window from falling once you’ve removed all screws. Of course, you might be replacing it, but still, shards of broken glass can hurt someone.
  • Your window will still be intact because of its seal on the edges that keep your opening airtight and waterproof. Use a putty knife to remove the seal. Once you’ve freed your window, carefully push it outside to your helper

Putting the Replacement Window

  • Before you start installing the replacement window, clean the edges of the opening first. Next, remove the built-up dirt and the remaining sealant or tape marks with a scraping tool. Finally, clean the area with a wet cloth soaked in a cleaning agent after removing all obstructions on the edges.
  • Ensure that the replacement window is placed face down on a spot where it won’t get any scratches.
  • Apply the seal tape that usually comes with the new window around until both ends meet. Just make sure that there’s no gap in the ends, so it’s okay to overlap.
  • From outside the vehicle, place the window into the opening. Your helper should be inside so you can install the window on the interior trim ring easily, then screw tightly.
  • Finally, using a caulking gun, seal around the exterior frame of the new window for added protection. Make sure that your new window has been perfectly secured before hitting the road again.

But Should You Do the Replacement Yourself?

DIY window replacement is cheaper, but it may cost you a lot of your time, and it relies heavily on your skillset. You could end up breaking the window on your first try, which may double your cost when you buy another. The cost may be cheap, but it may cost you on the road if the RV window repair is handled poorly or done in a patch-up-job way.

Professional installers know the standards of a correct installation. They’re complete with more tools to do the job, and they have the proper tests to ensure that your new window is completely installed. To keep it simple, professionals can ensure that your windows won’t fall off until you need to have them replaced again.


Replacing the RV windows by yourself can be a fun DIY project. Still, if you’re planning to do it, just make sure that you have the right tools and the hand for it. Then, finally, seek the advice of professionals on proper RV window repair or replacement.

For professional tips on RV window installation, repair or replacement, and more, check out Motion Windows. At Motion Windows, we offer custom-made windows that fit your RV, with different materials and finishes available.