sliding rv windowsIf you are having problems with your sliding RV windows, the repair may be as simple as giving them a good spritz of some WD-40. However, if they are cracked or broken, you will need to replace them as well as the sealant strips that hold them in place.

After you’ve bought a replacement RV window, the rest of the steps are quite simple. Here’s how to replace a sliding RV window:


Remove the old molding and the old window glass

To remove the molding, you need to find the plastic screw caps and cut around them with a utility knife. Once you have the molding off, you can remove the old window glass with the help of two or three other people.

You may also need to remove sealant strips before you can take out the glass. While removing the window glass, one person should be outside the RV and one should be inside the van supporting the glass while you remove the screws.

When you have taken off the screws that attach the window to the frame, keep them somewhere safe. You will need them later.

With a putty knife, remove the old caulk from the perimeter of the old window glass. You may need to use sandpaper to get at the leftovers.

Install the new window glass

With the help of your buddies, fit the new window glass into position. It’s often easier to do this if the sliding glass panel is in open position. Don’t forget to remove the screens during installation to keep them from getting damaged.

Reattach the screws. Reinstall the molding and seal the new window glass with silicone caulk.

Now that the new window is in, it’s time to test it on a drive. Enjoy!