Part of converting your van is adding some Sprinter van windows. If you’re looking to do it yourself and you’re ready to buy some conversion van windows, here are 10 guide questions you should ask yourself:

1. Are they easy to install?

If you’re buying your own windows, you’re most likely converting your own van. Choose a van window that’s easier to install even when you have minimal experience.

2. What are the materials used?

Always check what type of materials are used. For example, it’s better to get a tempered glass window than an average glass.

3. Clear or tinted?

Standard van windows are tinted, but should you get the same for your converted van? Or do you want a clear glass to allow better lighting?

4. Are measurements exact?

It’s best to buy a van window that’s custom-made rather than pre-made. This is to ensure that the measurements are the exact same.

5. Fixed or Sliding Windows?

This is really a matter of preference and how you intend to use your converted van.

6. Is the manufacturer reliable?

When choosing a van windows manufacturer, make sure you’re dealing with a reliable company. Check out their profile online as well as customer reviews.

7. How much does it cost?

Know this before planning on converting your van. This helps you get quotes from companies and check which one suits your budget best.

8. Can it withstand harsh conditions?

Durability and your window’s lifespan is a must-know. It’s also best to know when it should be replaced.

9. How will it be maintained?

To ensure your Sprinter van windows remain good as new, make sure you know how to maintain it.