mobile home trailer

This photograph represent a row of trailer homes.

Mobile home trailers are a trend these days, offering a more affordable yet comfortable option for housing. If you recently purchased or are about to buy a mobile home trailer, you must know that regular maintenance is vital because it can help you avoid costly repairs ahead. Read below to know more about the importance of mobile home trailer maintenance:


Important Mobile Home Trailer Maintenance Tips

Keep it leveled

Keeping your mobile home trailer leveled is important to prevent some issues; a few of those include wear and tear on the frame and suspension, cracks on the walls, water damage, and defective door and windows.  

Check if one side is lower than the other using a spirit level. If you need to level your mobile home, you can adjust the leveling jacks at each corner of the unit. Read the manual first for specific instructions and be careful while conducting any repairs.


Roofing problems

A well-maintained roof on your mobile home can help you avoid the expense of major repairs. Regularly inspecting the roof can help you determine any signs of damage. Check for rotting wood, damp spots, and mold, as these are all signs of damaged or failing roof components. Be sure to also look under the eaves for water damage and repair quickly if you spot any. 

Another factor in determining the life of your roof is the material. Mobile home roofs differ in materials, each having its issues. Here are two of them: 



Metal roofing is easier to dent, so quickly check when you hear those sudden bumps on top of your mobile home. Look also for dirt build-up from time to time. If unnoticed, the dirt on the roof will be harder to remove and will be pricier to fix. 



When shingles get split or cracked, they will trap moisture in, which will cause blisters in your roofing. Fortunately, damage to the shingles can be easily fixed with plastic cement using a caulk gun. 


Clean the gutters

Gutters play an essential role in your mobile home’s drainage system. If they’re clogged, it will affect the roof and the eaves, and the damage will be both catastrophic and messy. 

Clean your gutters regularly, especially during the fall and winter when they tend to fill up with leaves and debris. You can use a garden hose to flush them out or hire a professional gutter cleaner.


Keep the Trailer Clean

A regular cleaning schedule is essential for any home, especially the ones that are frequently on the road. Cleaning is more important for a mobile home trailer because it can help reduce the amount of wear and tear on the unit. It’s good practice to perform general cleaning in your mobile home at least once a year, which means cleaning areas that are not usually accessible such as the roof and gutters. This maintenance routine is crucial, whether you have a ready-made mobile home or if you’ve taken the DIY route to build your own teardrop trailer.


Inspect Doors and Windows

Regularly inspecting the doors and windows means taking care of the mobile home’s security system as well. Look for any signs of damage and work on it immediately to prevent break-ins. For the windows, it’s not just the security that you should worry about. A broken window will let the air in, which will demand more use of the heater or cooler, increasing the energy bills. 


When should you Replace the Damaged Part of your Mobile Home Trailer?

If you don’t take good care of your mobile home, some damages may be irreparable, which will lead to replacements. 


Irreversible roof damage

Simply put, if there’s too much rot or mold, or if the roofing sags too much, then it’s better to replace them than make patch-up jobs. Inspecting the roof is essential because if any minor damage is left unattended, they go from bad to worse over time. 


Clogs in the gutters can’t be removed

If water from the gutter isn’t flowing smoothly from the roof and overflows inside the mobile house, then the clog has hardened, which is a clear sign for replacement. 


Door or Window Lock is not Functioning

You have to remember that the doors and windows of your mobile home keep intruders and wild animals outside. So, you must regularly check their locks, if you find them defective, it might be because the screws are loose. You can tighten them using a screwdriver. But if it still doesn’t work, you need to replace the whole lock.


Window or Door is Damaged

If the glass of the door or window has cracks, it is essential to replace them right away to avoid any inconvenience or injury on the road.. 

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