How Double Pane Windows Are MadeAlmost all RV window types can be made using single pane or double pane glass. Double pane RV windows may cost more, but they do provide more insulation and security.

Whether you choose single pane or double pane depends on how much you are willing to spend on your RV windows, what the weather is like where you live, and how concerned you are about safety.


How Double Pane RV Windows are Made

Double pane RV windows are made from two parallel glass panels with space between. This space is filled with gas — commonly, krypton and argon. These gases help increase insulation.

The windows are coated so that they will reflect the sun’s harmful UV rays. The coating on the glass surface helps retain heat during winter and keeps the inside of the van cool during summer.

RV windows are typically made of solid tempered glass and anodized aluminum spacers. Sometimes, the framing materials are fiberglass and vinyl, which both help reduce heat transfer.

Benefits of Double Pane RV Windows

Double pane RV windows provide superior insulation, reduce condensation, and minimize noise. They also help minimize wind intrusion.

Multiple panes are better than one at insulation. The gases trapped in the hollow space between the two panels help increase heat while the coating helps deflect heat. These windows also provide relief from heat, cold, sound, and wind.

Double pane windows are tougher to break than single pane windows. This means they can actually increase your RV’s security.

While double pane windows are great for security and insulation, take note that they can’t be used in high-vibration settings.