vehicle window replacementWhether you own a car, a roving vehicle, or a houseboat, some parts of these vehicles are more prone to damages than the others. Starting it off with the windows.

Windows are made for every owner’s enjoyment and safety. However, they are also the most fragile among other parts. One minor crack can turn into a major disaster if not fixed at once. That’s why window replacement is a subject that needs to be known by every vehicle owner. 

Knowing these five things will always come handy during vehicle window replacements.

1. How damaged it is

When your windows are damaged, the best thing to do is to inspect it very carefully. Some tiny cracks can still be repaired, but you have to act on it immediately. 

Dashboards and windows with cracks that are less than an inch can most likely be repaired. It can be injected with resin to bind the cracked corners together while using a plunger to maintain the vacuum in between the cracks.

However, broken glass, small holes, double-paned window holes on both frames, and cracks longer than an inch are unfortunately damaged beyond repair. You will have to gather some strength (and budget) to replace your vehicle’s window for these kinds of damages.

2. DIY or hire?

rv window replacementIt’s totally fine to DIY if you have the tools and knowledge for it. It will cut you the costs too. However, hiring seasoned technicians to do the job for you might be the best option to cut you the time and effort of fixing a single window. This will also ensure that your new window is installed properly.

However, if you plan on getting it done yourself, here’s how technicians go about the process:

  • First,  they would inspect the damage thoroughly. 
  • Once they’re convinced it can’t be repaired, they will start by removing the remaining shards of broken glass from the window panel.
  • Next, debris and glass will be thoroughly cleaned with a vacuum
  • Then a new glass window will be inserted as replacement
  • For cars, the regulator will be tested to make sure it’s properly installed.
  • For RVs, especially if it’s the emergency window, levers will be tested for proper functionality.
  • Proper installation for boat windows are also tested for leaks.

3. Window replacement costs 

Sure you need to have the budget for it. As damages come unexpectedly, you should be able to know how much replacement costs are, just to be ready for it.

The best way to do this is to contact a window manufacturer and ask for a quote. Window replacement costs might be different from the other, especially if your vehicle is customized. 

Be also ready to know the specifications of your windows like the dimensions, frame series, corner radius, kinds of tints, and also the place where it’s installed. Emergency windows may also need other parts to be replaced more than just the glass.

For windshields, upfront costs are a little higher. Car windshield replacements may cost around $100-$400, with luxury cars amounting up to $1500. RV windshields may start at $1000 to $5000 depending on the size,  while boat windshields can go from $900 to $1600, approximately.

4. The right place to purchase

Purchasing your vehicle’s window replacements should be carefully planned and thought of. There are a lot of window and glass manufacturers out there, but choosing what’s the best should never be compromised, even if you need to do it as soon as possible.

Purchasing low quality materials will only make matters worse for your vehicle. Look for a brand that has a steady clientele, and has proven their expertise through the years. 

5. The people you should talk to

If you don’t have the privilege of knowing someone who has dealt with the same problem before, by all means, go online. Forums and reviews about certain brands will lead you to the right place and help you assess what brands can give you what you need.

Your windows need the expert touch of the experts themselves. Us at Peninsula Glass holds a brand that has been providing quality windows for land and sea vehicles through the years. Our clients can attest to the fact that our products are above all else, quality. Talk to us now!