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For RV window repair, repairing, rather than replacing existing RV windows is usually the most cost effective and time efficient remedy to the problem of failed insulated glass. The cost of repair is simply calculated as the following:

One Panel Window: $300.00

Two Panel Window: $350.00

T-Slider Window: $400.00

*Some three panel windows may exceed the standard pricing structure based on complexity of the size and shape.


This price does not include the additional cost of return shipment. The repair will involve the removal of your original window’s glass and the replacement of new Motion Window dual pane glass into your original window frames. Some more complex driver and passenger side windows may be higher depending on the configuration.

Option #1 – The Do It Yourself

With the price of fuel and travel costs today, more and more of our customers are coming to the realization that most time well spent is time spent closer to home. For these customers, we offer the “do it yourself” solution. Simply remove and ship the complete window to our facility for repair. Within 5-10 business days, we will return ship the original windows with new color matched insulated glass.

Removing and installing RV windows is usually a matter of “will” over expertise and generally only requires a power screw driver, putty knife and a little “sweat equity.” For this option, simply download and complete the “Window Repair Shipment Packing Slip” and box up the windows for shipment to us. Use the downloadable form as the packing slip on the shipment so that when it arrives, we will know what it is and who it’s from. The most economical and practical way to ship the window(s) will be via UPS or FedEx; however, size restrictions may limit your choice to a common carrier truck load. For these circumstances, please give us a call so that we can help you with a carrier that makes the most sense. We will call you after we have received your windows to make the necessary payment arrangements on the order.

Download Window Repair Shipment Packing Slip

Option #2 – Repair and Install

An additional $100.00 – $200.00 is charged per window for installation performed at our facility depending on the complexity. You will make two visits to our manufacturing facility to accomplish this repair. The first visit is for the glass measurement process. This will take just a few hours. Approximately 1-2 weeks later, your second visit would cover the removal, exchange of glass, and re-installation of your windows. This process will take between 45 minutes to 1.5 hours per window. For your convenience, we do offer overnight stay in our parking lot with the lavish amenity of a 30 amp plug. If you are interested; please call for your measurement appointment. We require at least a 2 week notice. Space is limited.

Engineering Notes

Peninsula Glass has been in business since 1970 and we were one of the first companies to develop a dual pane window for the RV market. Our Insulated Glass Unit (IGU) failure rate, which is approximately 2 per 1000, is to the best of our knowledge the lowest in the industry.

Our process to assemble the IGU is fundamentally different from that used by many of our competitors. Many of our competitors’ methods involve the use of a flexible spacer with the desiccant imbedded in the flexible spacer material. A pull tape adhesive attaches the spacer to the glass and the unit is finished with hot butyl. Many of the insulated glass failure in our industry are associated with the use of this material. The failure will usually involve the stretching or “snaking” of this material as a result of prolonged exposure to the heat. Failure may also result in a moisture or haze within the insulated glass panels.

Our insulated unit consists of an aluminum metal spacer packed with mixed media desiccant beads, and sealed to the glass with a gas impermeable elastomer called polyisobutylene. The insulated unit is then finished with a secondary seal of high quality RTV silicone. This is a costly and labor intensive process, but one that has proven to be very durable and robust in the demanding vehicle applications that we manufacture for.